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Seeking dedicated and enthusiastic delivery drivers to join our team.

Yumitos is actively seeking dedicated and enthusiastic delivery drivers to join our team, and this opportunity offers numerous advantages for individuals looking to embark on a rewarding career in the food delivery industry.


Valid Driver's license

Yumitos requires a valid driver's license to ensure that our delivery drivers have the necessary credentials and legal authorization to operate a vehicle safely and within the law.

A reliable vehicle

A reliable vehicle is essential for Yumitos delivery drivers to guarantee timely and consistent deliveries, upholding our commitment to excellent service.

Clean background

A clean background check is mandatory to maintain the trust and safety of our customers, assuring them that our drivers have a track record free of any criminal issues.

If you are a driver looking to join our team, please fill out the form.

Hiring market


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For delivery companies

We are looking for companies that have the power to deliver our kitchen partner’s products efficiently and promptly at the best rate.
Your company should be able to have a local reach and be strategic in the delivery process. If your company have already a logistic platform, we welcome the opportunity to integrate Yumitos with your delivery platform, if however, for any reason, your company does not provide the ability to have a platform that is capable of controlling all logistics efficiently, you will qualify to use our propitiatory platform for companies like yours that can help you not only to manage all your logistics process with YUMITOS but also can the freedom to grow your delivery business efficiently with other clients and or platforms.

What you need

Your own delivery messenger team

You are responsible for your logistics

Distribution points throughout the city

We recommend having sectors serving as distribution points for efficiency

Bank account

You will need a bank account to receive payment for your deliveries. Make sure you have a valid and active bank account.

Time management skills

You will need good time management skills to ensure that you can make deliveries on time.

Communication skills

You will need good communication skills to communicate with customers and restaurant staff

Knowledge of the delivery area

Familiarize yourself with the delivery area to ensure you can deliver orders efficiently.

What we offer to you

A platform that can help you run your entire delivery operations. You don’t have to only be delivering Yumitos food - you can use YUDELIVERY platform to organize, grow and make your entire logistics business profitable.

The YUDELIVERY platform is a comprehensive logistics management system that can help you streamline and optimize your delivery operations. While the platform is designed specifically for delivering Yumitos food, it can also be used to manage delivery operations for other businesses and industries.

The platform allows you to receive and manage delivery orders, track deliveries in real-time, optimize delivery routes, and manage your delivery team.

By using the YUDELIVERY platform to manage your delivery operations, you can improve efficiency, increase profitability, and grow your business. Whether you are delivering Yumitos food or other products, YUDELIVERY can help you run your logistics business more effectively and efficiently.

How can YUDELIVERY help you optimize your business?

Automated Dispatch

Eliminate manual steps by auto assigning orders to your nearest & available delivery agents

Enhanced Productivity

Get valuable insights about your customer's experience by tracking ratings, feedback, and better communication.

Smart Analytics

Dispatch Partners have access to information and tracking summary for up to 90 days past with comprehensive graphical reports.

Route Optimization

Retrieve the most efficient path for any mode of transportation

If you are a delivery company and want to join, fill out the form.

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We are looking for delivery partners in the following countries:

• Ecuador
• Peru
• Colombia
• Mexico
• Brazil
• Spain
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