A platform that offers more than secure and simple transactions

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Yumitos gives you the ability not only to transact securely but also to build and grow your community, allowing you to create better conversions. The ability to build and grow a community is a valuable feature for any business, and Yumitos provides a platform enabling businesses to do just that. By prioritizing community engagement and offering a range of tools and features to support it, Yumitos is helping businesses increase conversions and build customer loyalty, ultimately driving growth and success.

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Simple benefits that makes a difference in your business

Make your business on-off at any time. You control when to sell.
See your transactions on the go with Yumitos Kitchen Manager App.
Get a weekly payment with direct deposit, cash or check.
Create your community, engage, and make better transactions.
What we offer


Yes, a 0% commission applies to all sales, encompassing food, tips, and all deliveries made by kitchens.


Yours 100%

Self Delivery

Yours 100%

Sales Tax

Yours 100%


Yours 100%


Yours 100%


Yours 100%


Weekly Payment
Cash / Transfer / Check
*Deliveries made by third party delivery companies will not be counted as self delivery commission and will be paid to the delivery company.

Can’t do your own delivery? No problem, we have partnered with the largest and best delivery companies in your country.

Yumitos delivery package

Cost to you: $0.00This is a added value to you. We want you to have all the tools so you can focus in what you do best; Cook!

Yumitos delivery package

We speak your lingo!


Starting and growing a business can be a complex and daunting process, and having a platform that speaks your language and supports you can be incredibly valuable.
By prioritizing customer service and support, Yumitos can help businesses navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship and build successful, sustainable businesses.

Yumitos is committed to serving businesses' and entrepreneurs' needs and working hard to create a platform that supports their success. By understanding the urgency of entrepreneurship and speaking the language of its users, Yumitos is well-positioned to become a valuable tool for culinary businesses looking to grow and thrive.

Our partners will provide you incredible benefits to your business and your brand that are exclusive to all Yumitos Kitchens affiliates.

Camara de Turismo del Guayas
Instituto LEXA
Culinary Training School
Sport Garden
Avicola Carrillo
Azucar Canela
Euro Logistics

Yumitos’ rewards plan will not only help you monetize more but will also get you pumped and inspired to conquer your next goal.

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Yumitos is committed to helping businesses monetize more and stay motivated to achieve their goals. By offering a rewards plan that incentivizes specific actions and behaviors, Yumitos provides a valuable tool for businesses looking to grow and succeed, ultimately driving revenue and success for both the business and the platform.

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Yumitos Kitchen Platform

A platform that grows with your needs.

Yumitos Kitchen Platform

The ability to grow with your needs is a valuable feature that YUMITOS is committed to providing businesses with a flexible and scalable solution that can adapt to their changing needs over time.

By offering the tools and resources businesses need to succeed at every stage of growth, Yumitos is helping businesses build successful, sustainable operations that can thrive over the long term.

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